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North Metro Rail

Connecting Denver, Commerce City, Thornton and Northglenn

The North Metro Rail Line is a Design-Build project building an 18.5 mile electric commuter rail line that will run from Denver Union Station through Commerce City, Thornton and Northglenn to Highway 7 in North Adams County.  The line will follow the path of the Union Pacific Rail Line. RTD selected Regional Rail Partners as the Contractor on the North Metro Rail Line in December of 2013. The Design/Construction element of the Project is broken down into two phases.

Phase One: to 124th

Phase one includes designing and building approximately 12.5 miles of the line from Denver Union Station to 124th Avenue. This phase includes construction of 6 Stations. The first phase serves the majority of RTD’s projected ridership for the corridor.

Phase Two: to 162nd

As additional funds become available, RTD can exercise an option with RRP to complete Phase 2, 124th to 162nd. This phase includes the remaining two stations. If RTD exercises this option by December 13, 2015, RRP commits to completing construction of the line from Denver Union Station to 162nd Avenue and delivering to RTD by January of 2018.

Planned Stations

There are eight stations planned for the Project. The Denver Station at the National Western Stock Show, 70th Avenue Station, 88th Avenue Station, 104th Avenue Station, 112th Avenue Station and the 124th Avenue/Eastlake Station will be built under Phase one. The 144th Avenue Station and the end of line station at 162nd Avenue are included in Phase two. All stations will provide parking, bus access and drop-off options.

The North Metro Rail Line will feature six at-grade crossings where roadways/trails and rail are at the save level, and 20 grade separated crossings, where roadways/trails and rail are at different elevations.

Planned Bridges

There are a total of nine rail bridges planned along the North Metro Line.  The Denargo Bridge will run parallel to Denargo Street and over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks and the South Platte River.  There will be one bridge across Washington Street and the South Platte River, 46th Avenue, Marion Street, Race Street, 88th Avenue, and 120th Avenue. The Skyway Bridge is currently slated to be the longest bridge in Colorado and will cross (from south to north) the BNSF RR tracks, Brighton Boulevard, a UPRR spur track, the FRICO Ditch, the Metro Waste Water and Suncor sites, Sand Creek, and Highway 270.

There will be two bridges over 104th Avenue or “twin” bridges side by side; allowing one train in each direction to cross simultaneously.  There will also be one street bridge at 70th Avenue where the roadway will cross over the Burlington Canal.

North Metro crews will also re-furbish the current South Platte 3 Bridge and transform it into a commuter rail bridge.

Planned Pedestrian Tunnels

Construction of the North Metro Rail Line includes construction of three pedestrian tunnels under the tracks at 72nd Station, 88th Station and 104th Station.

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