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Register To Receive Notification Of Upcoming Opportunities

The SmartBidNet Subcontractor database will be used to manage all Invitations to Bid, Addenda Notifications and other project related correspondence.  If you are not currently registered on SmartBidNet, you may register your company here.

Once your registration is submitted, you will receive a confirmation from SmartBidNet containing your user name and password.  Please update your company profile with accurate contact information and most importantly, list all NAICS/Trade codes relative to your full range of services.  Your company will  be notified of opportunities that have a scope of work which corresponds to the NAICS/Trade codes contained in your profile.  For assistance, please contact Linda Kelly at or 720-370-0888.

Prequalification Requirements

The North Metro Rail Line Project will be engaged in contracts with BNSF, Union Pacific Railway, and the utility agencies listed below throughout the course of the project. If you will potentially perform services with or for the railroads and/or utility agencies on the project, you must be prequalified with these specific agencies.

If you do not perform a scope of work involving the agencies mentioned, the prequalification standards do not apply.

For your convenience, the following are links to each organization. You are encouraged to contact them at your earliest opportunity to start the application process and establish your prequalified status.

  1. Union Pacific
  2. BNSF
  3. Comcast
  4. Xcel Energy
  5. Denver Water

Upcoming Solicitations and Contracting Opportunities

Please click here for upcoming opportunities.

For opportunities with subcontractors, please visit the primary subcontractor page for contact information.