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DBE and SBE Program

Disadvantaged and Small Businesses

The RTD Small Business Office’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/Small Business Enterprise (DBE and SBE) Program creates a level playing field, removes barriers and assists in the development of businesses like yours. The program builds a stronger Colorado economy by certifying firms, measuring goals and providing training so DBE and SBEs can grow and thrive in this competitive industry.

DBE and SBE Objectives

We will  accomplish both of these goals by providing business education training and information meetings designed to help companies seeking contracts and those firms that have successfully won contracts increase their ability to participate in design build projects.The RRP goal for DBE and SBE participation is twofold:

  1. Provide contracting opportunities that recognize the capability and capacity of our DBE and SBE firms, and
  2. Provide capacity building programs that increase the potential for growth, development, survivability and sustainability of DBE and SBE Firms.

DBE and SBE Goals

RRP is committed to implementing comprehensive and innovative DBE and SBE programs to demonstrate success and build capacity on the North Metro Rail Line Project. RTD has established DBE project goals of 23% for design and 21% for construction. RRP has committed to 24% Design and 22% Construction DBE participation for the first two years of the project.

Get Certified

Too take advantage of the DBE and SBE program, the first step is to apply. Apply Now


Suzanne Arkle, DBE Manager

Linda Kelly, DBE and WIN Contract Compliance Officer