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DBE Inside Look at Success – January 2017

By: Linda Kelly, DBE and WIN Contract Compliance Officer



Pinyon Environmental Inc. is a subcontractor on the North Metro Rail Line that monitors construction related sediment and erosion control activities.

Not only do they offer surface water and storm water sampling services, but they also specialize in the biological resources across the Western United States. They study patterns of how migratory birds, raptors, common fauna and flora, riparian, and invasive (i.e., non-native) species co-exist with human beings on the earth. They do this by providing services such as ecological restoration and revegetation, compliance and permitting, wetland delineation and noxious weed management plans as well as several other services utilized on the North Metro Project.

Pinyon has been involved on the project since the Environmental Impact Statement in 2006 when President Lauren Evans PE, ENV SP set out to become a part of the environmental design and review team. It has been 10 years and Pinyon has been a team member ever since.

After Evans graduated from the Colorado School of Mines, she worked through three corporate buyouts over eleven years and felt that there was a better way to do business. She decided environmental consulting was what she knew and wanted to create a safe and harmonious environment for herself and others.

Evans contributes a large part of her company’s success to finding hardworking employees who want a challenge and growth in their careers. She believes in developing team relationships and having everyone on the team pride themselves on getting things done and doing them well. By making quality your main goal, you bring value to any project.

“You are the captain of your career” – To maintain growth in her business, Evans believes in reinvesting in staff with mentoring and training programs and encourages staff to join professional organizations. These programs give staff responsibility and opportunity to excel, which reflects back on the company.

Evans advice to business owners who have not seen breakthrough is to have a vision and plan. It is crucial to network to not only meeting future clients, but also maintain current ones. Prove your value to your clients. Train and grow yourself and your staff so you are current on skills and knowledge. Once staff has a vested interest in the company’s success, they will help with the growth and expansion.

“Run to the problem”  – When facing challenges, Evan says communication is key and it is important to own up to your mistakes. Take care of the problem immediately. This has helped Pinyon learn and grow and inevitably be successful.

Pinyon Environmental Inc. is located at:

9100 W. Jewell Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80232

For more information call 1.888.641.7337 or email info@pinyon-env.com

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