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Key Team Members

David Trent, Project Director

david-trentDavid has been a Balfour Beatty employee since 1994 and has amassed incomparable experience in the construction industry during that time. His expertise lies in the design build delivery of complex, multi-faceted infrastructure and rail projects in dense urban areas. He served as the on-site Construction Manager for the $1 Billion SH 130 design/build toll road project in central Texas, The Metro Gold Line East-Side Extension design/build LRT Project in Los Angeles and on multiple highway reconstruction projects throughout the US. His efficient skills and ability to implement strategies and processes will lead RRP and RTD to a successful build-out of the North Metro Rail Line.

MIKE SALMON, Deputy Project Director

Mike has an extensive understanding of design/build process policies and procedures and has the technical ability to foster innovation and develop creative solutions while minimizing the impacts to stakeholders. As the core of Graham’s Operations team, Mike is responsible for ensuring the project is estimated, constructed, and delivered in accordance with the contract requirements and project goals.  His experience produces tangible cost benefits through properly scoped and packaged bid documents, detailed cost estimates, analysis of historical cost data, and evaluation of cost savings solutions.  His proven ability to understand and plan the project, communicate a collaborative plan, and deliver quality workmanship is reflected in a strong record of project delivery over the last 20 years.

Shawn Photo2Shawn Plichta, Design/Build Coordination Manager

Shawn has 16 years of design, construction, and inspection experience specializing in transportation and infrastructure projects. This experience encapsulates every component of the civil work for the North Metro Rail Line including design/build coordination, project management, and the design and construction inspection of bridges, retaining walls, earthwork, drainage, and environmental compliance.

As a Special Structures Engineer for the Washington State Department of Transportation, Shawn completed over 400 dives for the underwater structural inspection of marine, ferry terminal, and bridge facilities as well as fracture critical inspections of Washington State’s civil emergency response microwave and radio tower infrastructure.

Alan BrownAlan Brown, Construction Manager

Alan came to Balfour Beatty one year ago after working on the RTD Eagle P3 Project with Ames Construction.  While on the Eagle Project, Alan was the East Corridor Construction Manager. Most of his career has been associated with design/build project delivery including the 1405 Renton Stage 2 Project near Seatac Airport, the TxDOT Toll 49 Project in Tyler, Texas, the Sudley Manor Drive Extension in Manassas, Virginia and the Space Launch 3 East Complex at Veandenberg AFB, California.

Alan’s collaborative approach to project execution and open communications with personnel is an unparalleled asset as we build-out the North Metro Rail Line.