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Who is Regional Rail Partners (RRP)

Regional Rail Partners (RRP) is a Joint Venture consisting of Balfour Beatty and GrahamThe Joint Venture has contracted with Stantec Consulting as the lead designer with Parsons Brinckerhoff as their sub-designer. The RRP management team consists of several local D/SBE firms including Civil Technologies, Communication Connections Consulting, Systems Consulting, LTD., Entilement and Engineering Solutions, Inc., Goodbee, H.C. Peck, Pinyon, Transit Safety and Security Solutions, Yeh & Associates, Inc., and  Zann & Associates.  Stantec and RRP are currently utilizing more than 20 D/SBE firms in design and construction roles on the Project.

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. (BBII) is a global leader in transit infrastructure and is known as an industry leader in design and construction of electrification, power supply systems, track systems and components for rail projects throughout the US. Their transit infrastructure history spans more than 100 years.  The firm was selected as RTD’s Systems Contractor of the year in 2010, and is a member of the joint venture currently delivering RTD’s Eagle P3 Project.


Graham, a leading contractor with a 90-year history of delivering essential infrastructure projects throughout North America, was founded in 1926 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. The firm has completed more than 15 joint venture design/build projects exceeding $4 Billion and 600 projects throughout North America, including LRT extension projects similar the North Metro Rail Line Project. One such project, the West LRT Extension D/B Project in Calgary features the city’s first elevated guideway and station. Graham is one of the largest construction companies in Canada with US offices located in Minnesota, Nebraska and Washington.

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